I am convinced that we HAVE considering doing THIS at every possible opportunity when dealing with SJWs

Long title, I know.

Hundreds of years ago in America there was a dogmatic, frantic, puritan mob with the righteousness that only the authoritative zealots can have. They dogpiled and accused person after person of being a witch and summarily executed. No one seemed to be able to stop them. They did not listen to censor or dispute from any of their peers or fellow citizens because they were drunk with their own arrogant intellectual and moral smugness. They knew best and ignored any logic telling them what they were doing as a mob was not good or needed or right, it was evil.

Finally they decided to fly too close to the sun, in accusing the Governor’s wife. He then went after them legally for defamation and they realised that maybe they were not really THAT right or morally or intellectually superior.

I HOPE you see the analogy between this situation and our situation?

These “Progressives” (Social Justice Warriors) are the modern day equivalent to those puritans.

At the moment we are their peers (in many ways), where as we really need to be more like the Governor.

Now whilst we will have a few wins regardless (because we are fucking awesome) there is still a sense that with many of the regulations, rules and even laws that they flaunt in their want to push their ideology, they are not getting significant takedowns.

The Honey Badgers is an example of the kind of thing that I am talking about. Eron kind of sort of maybe.

The Honey Badgers when they registered that they were being illegally evicted from the Expo decided to do the correct things and get the law onto them.

I NEARLY took Playerattacks to court. Why? They leaked the public list of all the people going to the Sydney Meetup and called the people going misogynists and such. My real name was on the list NOT a handle or alias. So I talked to a lawyer and they seemed to think on the face of it, it was reasonable for defamation. Then I found that my name was added just after it was made private. (A matter of hours but still)

This would have been another perfect example. They act without thinking and unmindful of pesky considerations like that.

We need to be able to hit back, every time it is applicable. It WILL keep happening because they are NOT careful because they think they are right in everything they do. They will also believe people will be too scared, too cowed, to worried about further expose/threats/retaliation or simply too apathetic to take it further. So they act with impunity.

When people can be evidenced they ought to be sued. Randi Harper? How she has avoided a law suit is beyond me. She needs three or four people do it just to bring it home to her that her actions are NOT acceptable. Those attacking Sargon? I don’t know IF they are identifiable or hiding under aliases/burner emails or so on but I would hazard a guess that some of them are able to be sued AND SHOULD.

See to them, they will be thinking “Oh that Sargon. I hate Sargon. He disagrees with “us”. He is such a MRA. He is actually come to think of it, a danger to women.  Certainly the way he talks about Feminists is triggering and so it is kind of violent speech. He probably beats and/or rapes women. I better warn his wife as to the danger he posed and I better warn everyone else on Youtube and Twitter that he is violent and a rapist”

You see how this all escalates in their irrational heads. In their minds they are righteously fighting the good fight. What they DESPERATELY need is to turn up to court and try to explain this wrongthink to a judge, and have the judge look them fair in the eye and say “You can’t do that. You just defamed a guy and lied about him. You were NOT right to do so and now I am awarding him money that you will have to pay him. You will also have a criminal record. Do you understand?”

It will keep occurring and I think EVEN if we are not overly hurt or inconvenienced but COULD sue, we should. I think, just like with the Governor’s wife, enough SJWs taken completely to the cleaners, may make them back off just a little.


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