Two hard men from Kotaku Australia & PC & Tech Authority desperately want to fight Pro-GG men.

UPDATE: Apparently both men don’t come from Kotaku….but that is okay because they are still hard men (I have changed the title to reflect this error).

I am definitely 100% up for this challenge. I say we could make a proper charity match or two out of it. This is amusing but it could be an great opportunity. We would give them what they apparently want, (which would appear to be beating up on some weak Gamergate supporters) and if we raise money, we can give to a worthy charity. Perhaps against bullying and/or violence.

I live 3 hours away. I am happy to fight one or both. I am thinking that THEY have connections in media to make a proper filming and showing and event out of it.

I am sure that a Go Fund Me campaign could create a purse to go to a charity all parties agreed to.

I think that we could get a legal person to write out proper indemnities.

I can make a day trip out of it Sounds very nice. A trip to Sydney in the morning, A fight. Then another. Maybe a few drinks in a pub in celebration or consolation afterwards and then a trip home.

So who would I be fighting


AND who am I? (Photo of me drinking a cocktail whilst looking at the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea, in Santorini, Greek Islands last year)

But When posting this on the Ralph Retort I had another bloke ask if he could lend a hand

Geo wrote:

Ross, Do you need a second? I’m pro gg, 6’3″, 105kg middle aged but still play sport. not had a blue in a long time but willing. would have to fly from bris though.

But then Stainless Steel Rat wrote:

I’m a ~10 hour drive away, if you need someone in your corner/a second I’ll gladly make the trip. Been a while since I’ve stepped onto the mat for a serious match, I have however kept training.

So I think IF (I know it is unlikely these two journos will put on fighting suits and square away) this goes ahead, I will be able to take on either of the journos with one of my two Gamergate support peers take on the other. And…I will have a couple of drinking mates at the end of it. I say its all upside.

Oh and here was the original Facebook entries that the hard men trough down the challenge.

So what say you guys? Could be fun?

In case anyone asks I am 44, 5’9″ and about 90-95kgs (200-210lbs) and yes I still look like i did in the photo, so no a few punches in the face will not make that much difference.


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