The whole “Gamergate is being co-opted by right wingers/is right wing” narrative….

The thing is it doesn’t matter. It would not matter if it was even true, which it isn’t.

In America there seems to be this real self-identification between right and left politics. It doesn’t happen where I live and probably not in many other places in the world. Its okay, I have a pretty decent idea of what you would describe as right or left wing politics and so forth but I do not really buy into it or see any value in doing so.

That said, a fundamental truth that I think you would all agree with, is that Gamergate is not about who is right and who is left, any more than it is about what religion you are, what skin colour you are, what gender you are, what country you are from, what age you are, or whatever.

So then it comes down to, IF they accuse you of being right wing, you do not have to agree and by all means tell them you aren’t if you aren’t BUT do not be offended. Its like if they said “You are all Fundamental Christians”. Some of you may be, but someone like me that is not Christian would not nod my head in agreement, nor feel offended by a clearly incorrect assertion.

It would not matter if you are right wing. If you are a right wing gamer that believes in Ethics and/or wants SJWs to stop trying to suck the very soul out of the gaming industry as they have in other spaces, then how does that make you different from a left wing gamer that wants the same?

Yet I see in many this reluctance or distrust of the people on the right. I saw Steven Crowder post some good tweets our way and he got some hate by the some people in Gamergate because he was right. The same with Milo and Allum. Same with Adam Baldwin and Mike Cernovich and Vox Day. I say if any of these guys has done or said something you personally take offence at or you dislike them for whatever reason, fair enough but don’t get hung up on their political predisposition.

Gamergate is not political – at least not in THAT respect. I still maintain that the SJWs are not “far left” as some would describe them. The SJWs would love us to make this uber-political because if we can get the:

  • “Ones who believe in the concept of Gamergate but don’t want to use the hashtag” vs those that want to keep the hashtag
  • The ones that are right and support people on the right being in Gamergate vs people wanting to be free of the right wingers
  • The ethics only vs SJW pushback Ones that want to give assistance to other spaces battling SJWs vs those that want to focus ONLY on Gamer gate
  • The gamers vs the non-gamers

Then this hashtag WILL become political and will implode and the SJWs would fucking LOVE that. It would be US snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. Some battles are worth fighting. Gamergate is but this left/right bullshit really isn’t. Don’t give the SJWs a cakewalk. Ignore shills. Be welcoming to people of every persuasion….except the people fighting us and calling us dead. Fuck those guys.


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