My Atheism

Okay this is not going to be long. I mentioned that I was Atheist and if anyone is interested I will spell things out about this aspect of my life.

Not a biggie really. Growing up, I did not know any religious people except for my Grandpa and Nana. I had an idea that people would go into church to pray, but this held no real interest in me. I don’t know if any of my friends or playmates were religious and at a guess I would say a few were. There was a few churches around but I never really paid them much heed.

This is my society. Religion is not something that was really pushed. One of our Prime Ministers came out as Atheist and newspapers tried to make it big news. They interviewed some of the bigger religious leaders and pretty much all of them said “That’s fine. We have no issue with an Atheist Prime Minister as long as she does not discriminate against us on basis of our religion, why do we care” It became a dead issue.

This environment and my upbringing informed my lack of religious faith. At worst I find it quaint and at best have absolute indifference to it. I do however reserve judgement of people when they proclaim religion. Why? It is like when someone proclaims that they are Feminist. “OK…so…are you Cull men down to 10% of the population kind of Feminist, or I like the word Feminist, and I use it to men gender equality instead of the word Humanist”. The same with religion. Its hard to know.

So what do I personally believe about God? Well, I think like all superstitious beings – Elves, Pixies and Leprechauns, you cannot say you KNOW that they DEFINITELY don’t exist. I am even happy to say that the Yeti, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster may exist. I just do not believe that they do. It is with the same conviction I have about God. Now anyone making a case for the existence of Pixies is welcome to and a good argument for the existence of Elves will no doubt keep me captivated. I do not begrudge people for their beliefs. I have my own values and beliefs and things I strongly adhere to. They are just as personal and matter just as much to me. If I see people praying, I will not pretend to have a connection I do not have (casting spells, praying, affirmation mantras and the like – I see as all the same thing). I see no reason to cast it down.

Many of my friends now are religious. My best friend is Buddhist. I have Christian friends, atheist friends, and Muslim friends. No issue. That are not friends BECAUSE of their religion. I rather think that the person informs what tenets and interpretation of a faith the person will adhere to. Plenty of good or bad could be done “in the name of faith”.

The big one. The thing that many ask me. “What do you think happens when you die?” I think I become worm food. I think my body rots and my nutrients spill into the ecosystem. In this respect my nutrients move on. Maybe if I am exceedingly lucky, some people will have some decent memories of me after I am dead. A soul? No, I think there is no such thing. I think we all are animated when we are alive and have a personality BUT I do not believe in this ghost living in our bodies, just don’t

So that is it. I hope it may kind of explain where I am at. I hope explaining this does not piss off anyone.


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