One year down and 10 reasons why next year will be gold.

The reasons why this next year will be better for us, revolve around the fact that the Antis were using shock and awe tactics. We were supposed to have been cowed and capitulated and they were supposed to have got embedded in the industry.

1. Their games were crappy and even the awards, PR spin, and sensational reviews could not change the gamer’s buying patterns.

2. The WeLuVDevs hashtag did not soften us the devs to side with them

3. Only three of them got on the Patreon bandwagon on time and later comers like Kim Crawley just were too late. Victim bux is limited.

4. We have grown to well over 10,000 diverse people

5. Their narratives are getting busted up quite convincingly. The meet-ups and the diversity and numbers attending (“Oh there is only 300 white young men and their sockpuppets” – GGinDC had about 300 people of all ages and diversity), The bomb threat in DC – Harassment from GG one way? And so it goes.

6. Non-Gaming media will soon ignore us completely and refuse to do Anita, Zoe, Brianna interviews and stories on Gamergate

7. “Progressive” Gaming press will have troubles relating to high bounce rate, and adblock (and people sick of being crapped on with degrading clickbait)

8. More and more gaming developers are getting brave enough to break ranks and support us

9. Deepfreeze (Enough Said)

10. The SJWs have no product to sell, just victimhood.


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