Gawker as a prize is great BUT…..

I think we should refocus away from Gawker.

Okay don’t hate. Listen me out.

We have done fantastically and shown the strength of Operation Disrepsectful Nod. we have helped cost them millions, cost them jobs. Helped put their company at risk and it has only taken a year to do so….against company worth hundreds of millions of dollars. None of this ought to ever be downplayed or denounced. It is brilliant.

That said, it has kind of allowed a fair few companies out of the cross hairs.

Absolutely Gawker was responsible for a lot of really shitty and dishonest reporting against us BUT they were not an island. Initially there was focus on Gawker Media, Vox Media, Conde Naste, Gamasutra and Rock Paper Shotgun.

They were great targets and made up a large portion of those originally involved in the gamers are dead articles. Then we refocussed on Gawker and got some runs on the board.

Our Anniversary is coming up. Gawker is a bit wobbly and Hulk Hogan is still looking to try to finish them off. (Though they slimed his chances). I think we should refocus on the other companies that have been talking non-stop crap for the last year. Why should THEY escape our wrath?

The good thing is that many of these other companies are not as big as Gawker. A site like Destructoid or Rock Paper Shotgun is hardly in the same ballpark.

By this time next year I want the Gaming Journalist crowd to be separated into three groups. A small skeleton staff retained in a few struggling Anti-Gamergate supporting companies, A huge contingent of “freelancers” (ex-employees) and a stable staff roster of pro-gamergate staff for sites that we support.

That is what I would like. Do you think those “freelancers” will change their ideology and write for their customers? Do you think they will set up successful and sustaining websites and blogs? Do you think there would be enough Patreon dollars to sustain them? Do you think they would find journalism work elsewhere (especially with Deepfreeze entries)? Do you think they will turn on each other to get a dollar? Do you think they will realise that they were patsies for the SJWs and turn on them?

It’ll be fun to find out. I just really hope that we do not JUST manage to take down Gawker.

PS, I REALLY think we should get THIS guy to fire up and take out some well timed revenge


7 thoughts on “Gawker as a prize is great BUT…..

  1. If anything, I think the present focus on Gawker comes from the desire to deliver a knockout punch to an organization that has shown itself thoroughly reprobate in ALL angles of media coverage, not just gaming. If Gawker lives through this, it might strengthen the resolves of the Polygons, Rock Paper Shotguns, etc., but if it can be killed, those others will know that it’s change or die.


    • Absolutely understand that sentiment. I believe Gawker MAY go down regardless and we have proven we can have an effect. I would just be a bit disappointed if we spent the next year finishing them off to have a scorecard of 1 company closing its doors, rather than maybe 3 or 4.


      • I think a better metric would be how many new outlets have emerged to take their place. Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing the big sites of the old guard go down, but more for spite and my own personal political reasons than a desire to see better video game reporting… because we’re already getting that from the new guys… and Breitbart, of all places!


      • Exactly, I don’t reward bad behaviour. We do not need the old guard. I would happily see them dismantled and over. They turned against their audience and fought them over a year. They don’t deserve the dignity of a let off. 🙂


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