We have all the pieces in place. Let’s put them all together join the next 12 months

One criticism that the antis LOVE to make is “What have YOU done in 12 months? You had us update some ethics so what?”

I mean the automatic comeback may well be “How is the audience for Progressive games? Plenty of buyers?”

But outside this tit for tat approach, let’s look at what they have and what we need to win.

They have the narrative, the IDGA, DIGRA, Gaming Press, IGF, IndieCade, Indie fund, and various conventions.

So that is a pretty big list and at first glance can seem a little overwhelming. But let’s go back to that question

“What have you guys done in the last 12 months?”

The answer is much more than meets the eye. We were fighting a stronger, more seasoned enemy with media that poisoned our wells from the outset and attacked our industry and fandom as they have many others before (last one being Atheist spaces). We were supposed to capitulate. So that in itself is something we have done. Making a community and culture is another. A sustainable culture that will be able to last another 12 months or another. That is huge. But there is something far more important. We are starting now to set up ourselves to actually win this. Not to just hold the line and the blockade, but to actually  march over the top of the opposition.

So, how do we do this?

They have the narrative, the IDGA, DIGRA, Gaming Press, IGF, IndieCade, Indie fund, and various conventions.

Narrative: We will never completely wash out the stain of their narrative smearing. But we really do need to repair some damage caused.. If we can show enough things to cast reasonable doubt on the bullshit they created, that is what we need to do

I have already mentioned SPJ Airplay and some of my thoughts on this. I also mentioned some of the possible effects of Eron’s case.

One of the big things I did not mention is that If Eron takes it further and the court assesses or states that Zoe lied, misrepresented or fabricated any part of her affidavit, we win. She does not even need to be convicted of perjury (though this would be rather nice too).

The reason why we win is that for all the Progressive’s value of “feelings over facts”, and the public’s want to coddle their feeling based narrative, there is one place which is an authority on this. On which “truth” has validity. That is the courts. If the court says you perjured yourself, that perjury is not “subjective truth”, it is a lie, and no spin can free you from that.

IF this is proven then any time any Gamergate supporter has any opposition to anything related to Gamergate, and they raise any issue remotely associated with Zoe Quinn, the fact that she is dishonest opens up the door to the question “She lied to you about that, and you bought it lock, stock and barrel, what else did she lie to you about and why are you defending her?”

The impact this would have on the narrative is palpable. Other organisations trying to address Gamergate will have a harder time trying to reference her as a credible source for any accusations make. If this all comes to pass, she will be our “Jackie Coakley”

Of course this alone will not be enough but it is something substantial.

Gaming Press: What can I tell you that you do not already know as to why these people are bad? We need to make great use of Deepfreeze and Operation Disrespectful Nod. The perfect and complimentary combination of “trapping” the unethical journalists in the company that they work for (by exposing their unethical violations through Deepfreeze), fundraise for campaigns to drive up search engine rankings on Deepfreeze entries, so anyone searching theses unethical hacks or their comany names can know exactly what unethical hacks they are, THEN hit their company with Operation Disrespectful Nod. Once the advertisers pull out en masse, the companies will either close or downsize. The effect either way is that these hacks that are unethical and now unemployable anywhere else BUT the company they worked for, are punished when the company closes or downsizes.

I still say we should focus away from Gawker and hope that Hulk Hogan finishes them off and IF not him maybe Quentin Tarantino could refile his suit or whatever. I hope that instead of chasing down Gawker for another year and giving the other smaller sites breathing space, we should share the love and take more of them down instead.

If we do these things and at the same time support some of the brilliant alternative gaming media sites we have (That is right, visit these places and donate if you can) such as Techraptor, Nichegamer, GamesNosh, Christ Centred Gamer, Attack on Gaming, Adland and others. In the future these are to be where we get our among news from NOT the crap and corrupt sites.

IDGA: Is power without any doubt. They hold tremendous sway over the Gaming Industry. We need a counter and an alternative.

So what do we have? We have League for Gamers. Yes it is only just released and hardly a match for IDGA but everything starts somewhere, and we have it now. It is up to us to build this up and make it a legitimate counter and opposition to the IDGA. For people who dislike IDGA but do not see any viable alternatives, we need to make it viable and sustainable. Something that others can say “You know what this League looks like it can do far more for me than IDGA”

Big boots to fill but I think we can do it. We are awesome.

IGF and Indiecade: These are circle jerks and has been for a long time. They do not deserve an audience. I think that Based Gamer and the various Youtube personalities will provide a bit of a counter to this. A mixture of various Youtube playthroughs and good play based user scoring on Based Gamer (free of ideological tampering or cronyism), should provide a fairer and more positive alternative.

Indie Fund: I say that for now the existence of Kickstarter, IndieGogo and other crowdfunding campaigns, allows for a better alternative than any reliance or hope for being noticed by these people. A game you promote well enough to the Gamergate legions, should stand or fall on its own merits.

DiGRA: I always think of the Dharma Initiative from the Television series lost. It is the same kind of pseudo-intellectual identity politics masquerading as serious intellectual discussion. It is pretentious twaddle.

That said, they are a nebulous and enigmatic organisation with seemingly many fingers in many pies.

@Grimachu last I heard, was wishing to create an alternative to DIGRA. I have no idea how he plans to do this or what that may look like or what it entails but I am all for it.

Other conventions: Important, fun and a great way to meet people, discuss the industry and celebrate your part in it. These things as we saw from The Calgary expo, are very much aligned against us.  (By the way, I hope the Honey Badgers kick their arses so hard that they will be wearing their arse cheeks as shoulder pads. I hope too that Calgary Expo gets onto The Mary Sue and says “We trusted what you said and based our decisions on what you published. It was bullshit, and now we have been sued successfully. Why would you do this?”)

That is okay. Don’t be mad. We don’t need them. Why? Because we have us. There is NOTHING stopping us from having more and more meet-ups, (like we have been having) and cement relationships, whilst also having Airplay-like conventions. In time maybe they WILL morph into these bigger conventions. But for now they are now simply an alternative that we can build up.

We have many varied defences and weapons with which to press forward. My hope is that those who are scared of the Social Justice Warrior Insurgents, and are feeling that the influence is of these crazy ideological zealots is more fearful than the benefit that they will get from Gamergate Supporters, will be convinced otherwise.

IF we can develop each of these things I mentioned here an importantly the networks and channels (the very infrastructure) connection and interrelating between them all, then we have a alternative that will eclipse and eventually overshadow the Social Justice Warriors and their toxic cabal

I am proud of you guys. We have this guys. We really do. We just need to dedicate the energy and enthusiasm we came to defend Gaming with 12 months ago. We have the tools and the direction, we just need the push now.

They really picked the wrong fight and we will win this we just need to consider what to do next.


There will come a time when we collectively will need to make a choice….

When the fight is fought and won and the smoke is clearing and the Social Justice Warriors not ACTUALLY involved in Gaming slink off and into the dark recesses of Tumblr, you will need to answer a question.

You will be tired, bloodied and perhaps a little elated. The smoke will clear and you will see the beaten and pathetic opposition. Most of their number who had places to go will have gone and they will be stranded and uncertain. They will be impotent and powerless. They will be the losers of a long campaign they were confident they would win. Then later they would come realise that they were not going to win and that they were too far in to back away from their positions.

As well as suffering the ignominy of defeat, they will have likely lost a lot of power, credibility and standing. They will be looking to you all for favour and acceptance.

Some of you may well say “Look, as long as they fall into line and stop attacking our culture, no foul” or perhaps “Everyone can make mistakes” or “If we cast them aside, we are no better than them and we need to be the bigger people.

I say “NO!!”

There needs to be consequence. They certainly would do no less for any of us. Lock them and all their cronies out. When the next ideologues look at the multi-billion dollar industry and say “You know I have the perfect plan to get me a slice of that cash”, they can find out that the last tie anyone tried it broke out into a war lasting years and the Gamers beat down a strong and more influential opposition and not only beat them but annihilated them without mercy, compromise or any ground given.

Social Justice Warriors and Gaming Press need to know this too. That they picked a side and backed it with their very livelihoods and that this is what will ultimately be the price for their ideology against the Gaming industry.

Whether you all decide to play nice, or nicer, is completely your own decision but I personally say “NO!!”

We don’t need them, they don’t deserve it, they picked the wrong side and slandered us for too long.

Why we MUST keep going

There is a a very apt poem written by Martin Niemöller, a Protestant pastor who spoken out against Adolph Hitler.

This poem expresses his own guilt BUT also expresses why it is SO important to help others fight against the Authoritarian incursions against their freedoms. To push back against these bullies BEFORE they become your problem.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Now how may this relate to us?

First they came for Academia, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not an Academic.

Then they came for the Comics/Sci-Fi/Atheists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Comic Geek/Sci-Fi Geek/Atheist.

Then they came for the Gamers, BUT I did speak out because I knew IF I didn’t, 

there would be no one left to speak when they came for me.

We HAD to fight these guys and we HAVE to keep fighting. If others want to borrow what we can afford to give, we should not spurn this.

We must not give up.

When this is over and they relax their tentacles and slither away, I will follow them and fight them at the next fandom or industry.

Why Eron’s court case may be far bigger for Gamergate than it originally looks

Okay I will not go blow by blow through the merits of the case  This describes it generally to familiarise yourself yourself but for a VERY detailed look read this   Brilliant summation as to how the allegations were not legitimate
So IF you have done this, then consider the following. This is not conspiracy pie in the sky stuff, but merely following things to its best conclusion.

1. Eron wants it take this further. It may be that the court will not take things further. They may just say that the order may need to be voided.

2. If not then Eron gets his day in court. IF he gets this far, then he has a really good chance to win….really good chance.

3. IF he wins, then he is able to sue Zoe for 12 months of trash-talking slander and perjuring herself in her affidavit.

4. IF he does this (and he fucking should!), then the door will be open for him to sue any site that has libelled him.

5. IF he chooses this course of action AND is clever about who he pursues (he should get great legal advice about who is the better marks and who has been most obvious in their libellous allegations) then he has great chance to both restore some of his tarnished reputation and get good damages claims to restore loss earnings.

6. IF this happens and is successful WE benefit.

Honestly. This could be HUGE for us.

If you are wondering how this benefits us, it comes down to the narrative. Once he takes on 3 or 4 sites then any sites that has reported on Gamergate and positioned Eron badly, will run for cover. They will look to denounce their position and distance themselves further and further from Zoe. In fact, dear Zoe will go under the bus. When she gets up and starts whining that a “so-called” ally sites are hypocrites and mean-spirited, another will throw her under another bus by another site, and then another.

What do you think that will do with the #Gamergate narrative of us as a harassment or misogynistic campaign?

This could be big my friends. As big or bigger than Op disrespectful Nod IF it comes through.

Positively popcorn worthy

Just a little love from this blog to all you magnificent Shitlords and Shitladies

I think that many of you may be feeling a bit burnt out. Maybe seeing the 12 months as unresolved and perhaps unresolvable. Maybe you feel that you have become a part of something too big. Too much expectation of us.

I can understand that. I can understand that perfectly.

You simply expressed your dissatisfaction of the terribly corrupt and antagonistic games media that treated you as the great unwashed and posted biased and dishonest reviews to you their audience. You had every right.

Now you have had a year of fighting the forces of the gaming media and the mainstream press that followed them and Wikipedia that has followed them and the Social Justice Warrior set that have used these outlets as their megaphones in a larger cultural war in which Gaming is one of their many territories they wish to conquer, co-opt and control.

These same people have rolled fandom and industry after fandom and industry and now it was your turn. These are social engineers. Hardened zealous ideologues to whom no tactic is a bad tactic. The people with deep connections in the right places and tried and true narrative spinning powers.

One year down and you are all still standing. Still holding your ground. Bloodied, tired, but hardened and unbowed. I salute you. My biggest regret is that it took me until October to hear about you guys & girls and stand by you.I am honoured and privileged to do so now.

I think some of you may well know this but to those that don’t, we WILL win. Straight up. We will win.

The only things that we need to do are the following

  1. Keep fighting. This is not much more than keep standing. Keep them in check.
  2. Do not give them anything. This has been one of our BIGGEST strengths and so underrated but it needs to be recognised. They have so very little that they have to rely on lies, misrepresentation and spin. They can not get traction
  3. Do not fear them. They are certainly more powerful than us in raw resources and connections and influence but we are smarter, more creative, more honest and better strategic grinders.
  4. Promote OUR resources more. League of Gamers, Based Gamer, Deepfreeze, Operation Disrepectful Nod, etc. All of these are terrific resources. For instance if the Op Disrespectful Nod targeted every advertisers of every website that wrote a hit-piece , hard,in volume and over a couple of months – until they were needing to downsize and cast off dead-weight worst games journalists BUT we also heavily sponsored Deepfreeze articles on those same worst journalists with SEM and SEO experts. The effect in punishing these unethical hacks would be incredible.
  5. Not to fight each other. I am an Atheist. If you are a Gamergate Supporter and you are a Christian man, you are my Brother. If you are a Muslim Lady, you are my sister. If you are Gay, Transgender, Brony, or Conservative, you are okay with me. You hate the SJW focus and are interested in ethics only, that is cool, I know that ethics are really important in this. You believe that ethics is of next to no importance, I understand where you are coming from too. You have different colour skin, speak differently, have different anatomy, live thousands upon thousands of miles away from me? Don’t care. I am in this come what may and I will stand beside you and proudly. This is my hill to die on and will rise or fall with you.
  6. Accept help and support. This is something we are going to need to do (or keep doing). We can not afford to be virtual shut-ins. If a conservative wants to give you a plug, do not spurn them on ideological ground. If another community assailed by SJWs or unethical practices reaches out and wants some reciprocal support, offer it and willingly and selflessly. If neutrals offer help clumsily or support is guarded, be easy on them.
  7. Look to support your companions when they want to back away or have some time off. Hold the line and their place and let them join you when they are recharged and they will do the same for you.
  8. Do not compromise any values or concede anything. Your values are right and have always been, do not apologise or water them down. These values are not up for barter and we are not up for compromise, and don’t look to let-offs or people to slip away from what they have done.
  9. Keep grinding, playing vidya and laughing at these fools that oppose us.
  10. Celebrate our wins. Do not let a win go unnoticed. Rejoice.

12 months down. NO ONE in any fandom or industry has lasted this long.

YOU Magnificent Bastards need to take stock of what you have done.

Those that oppose us are screwed. They had a tried and true method and they tried it on here. It did not work. They kept pushing. They poisoned the well of credibility for us through contacts and connection sand relying in lazy reporters running on the victim damsel in distress narrative….we didn’t buckle.

What do they have now? Because 12 months ago….maybe 9 months ago….or even 6 months ago, we could have said a number of things, but now attrition against the narrative, and what they can show they have manage to deliver, is quite different.

  1. SPJ Airplay: They really did not need any support from Airplay BUT there is support there.
  2. Big AAA games developers are supporting us.
  3. Zoe is trying to void her gag order against Eron
  4. The Progressives have had a full year to make commercially successful games to prove to the gaming industry that there is a real and concrete progressive market there that will buy games and failed miserably (with the last game being Sunset – that was an absolute failure)
  5. Many Gaming media sites are suffering from Adblock increasing, high bounce rates, advertisers pulling sponsorship, high use of archive.is and drop in views. They are haemorrhaging and have been for 12 months. whilst they were waiting for us to relent or dissolve or move on or something.
  6. Gamegate is and has been big news in the press. The press has milked it for all it was worth. Everyone who was anyone has covered it (and normally really negatively). A few of the bigger names on the other side, like Zoe and Brianna, have badgered people to cover them and their “take” on Gamergate. They have been very well compensated for this service by Patreon supporters. But now the shine of Gamergate is coming off after a year and there will be fewer and fewer people 12 months later willing to cover this “fresh” outrage. They will not be able to justify their outrage and Patreon donations.
  7. They have nothing to offer us now but complete and utter capitulation

You have done it.

It is now a war of attrition. A war they are not prepared for and not on their terms. It all gets bad for them from here.

The effect of Eron’s case no matter how it goes will be a major knock to the narrative. Honey Badger’s case will be felt too. The disreputable game media sites are in serious trouble. The battle for the hearts and minds of the Game Developers seems a lost cause for the Social Justice Warriors. The media is going to step away from rushing to the aid of these damsels in distress stories. That coupled with the shortcomings of the so called “non-profit” organisations will lead to dissatisfaction. With no ability to really affect the narrative, they SJWs will turn on each other. The same will happen with the Gaming media when they crumble and are made freelancers. They too will cannibalise each other.

There narrative is crumbling

So….you magnificent bastards have the hardest part behind you. The next 12 months will be so much better and much more to be celebrated. I am humbled by you all. I am seeing history being made and am on the right side of history. I am seeing a bunch of poorly organised, caught unawares, contact poor, resourced challenged, media smeared gamers mount an opposition and beat down a much more powerful dangerous opponent and I was along for the ride.

Take a fucking bow. You are awesome. Each of you are. If not for the tens of thousands of individuals here we would not be where we are. Its your birthday. Thank you for being an inspiration.

I am hoping someone with a Facebook account can link this post in the comments of Miami Rise to Chris Erb’s Article

I wanted to say that Miami Rise has done a very good thing in publishing these posts on Gamergate and from different perspectives.

We ought not oppose any difference in thought or ideology. This includes Chris erb’s contribution. The fact that there is an open comment section means that if I disagree I can AND will oppose his position if I disagree with it (which I do).

I do find it in part amusing and in part disappointing that the Gamergate supporters who have posted here have been mindful of your posting guidelines, whereas the person anti-gamergate has simply named names. We might not have bothered talking in vague terms about “an indie Games Developer and her ex-boyfriend”. Chris erb puts it out there.

It may be wondered how Chris could possibly get things all so horribly and terribly wrong. It seems to be night to our day in comparing his and our articles. It may be a little hard to think that a 12 month campaign for ethics in games journalism with 8 million tweets on Twitter and with a subreddit for discussion on Reddit with over 50 000 subscribers and with many Youtube channels, blog sites and even an 8 chan board and recently Voat subverses, could be comprised and for the express purpose of harassing women and to keep them out of the industry ESPECIALLY when considering some of our staunchest supporters are women.

The reason to get it wrong is complex. In one part, some people are misinformed and this is hardly surprising given the respinning of news coverage around Gamergate. All following the leader and that Leader generally behind Gawker media (who under any other circumstances who be questioned). Part of the reason is that some parties have an ideological opposition to gamers and are trying to push progressive values and progressive voices in the industry and so anyone seen as not embracing this is to be targeted. Partially it is because people have a confirmation bias. They may not understand Gamers or Gaming spaces and see Gamers as unhinged, weird, asocial, lazy, or dangerous. Any article that respond to these preconceptions is given credibility. I think there is a bit of intellectual laziness too. People not wishing to think too hard on a subject or investigate will often simply agree with what is easiest to consume. They don’t want to look at nuance or read too much into things to base a decision. Lastly we come to where I BELIEVE is Chris Erb’s failing.

Given that the couple of weeks after the infamous Zoepost had unprecedented censorship, account deletions, bannings, and thousands of posts deleted on a number of mediums in the “Gaming Sphere” AND this was a hive of activity, getting the narrative right is difficult BUT when one side has all the media pull and PR professionals spinning the narrative for all they are worth then it is not unlikely that very emotive and completely plausible narratives can be spun (even IF it flies in the face of both fact and logic).

The Gaming community was very annoyed at the Gaming press. That had been for a long time. The Gaming Press seemed all too cozy with a clique of Indie Developers and largely critical of their audience, and treating them as the great unwashed. (or perhaps not far from the current bigoted contempt and slander they throw our way, but more guarded and veiled). The gamers were waiting for a “gotcha” moment. When that happened (with the Zoepost) the occasion to mobilise against this evidence of seeming corruption started.


You will see here not only does this oppose much of what Chris is saying BUT (and importantly) it can show that it was fairly easy to misread the course of events and to genuinely get it incorrect or deliberately misconstrue the events.

Of course showing Zoe as a damsel in distress who was unfairly targeted makes great sensationalist new stories but it strangely leaves out things like this





https://gamergating.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/595ce-6a00d8341bf6e653ef01b7c781f218970b-500wi.png What is Helldump? It is part of a troll forum called Something Awful forum (one of four such groups targeting Gamergate supporters and critics. Baphomet, GNAA and Ayyteam being some others). Have a look at them here if you care to but consider a shower afterwards http://forums.somethingawful.com/forumdisplay.php?forumid=204

So, do you think people discussing gossiping about how much they dislike Zoe and talking unfavourably about her place in the Zoepost initially is a great basis for claimed misogyny? Do you think that may have been a 12 month deal or a bit of internet drama left on a small IRC channel called Burgers and Fries, whilst the conversation of ethics in gaming had evolved and was talked about by a group almost exclusively uninvolved with the Burger and Fries chat and without much notice to what Zoe was doing or about? (though to be fair – as seen with another recent Seattle Times article – she will keep finding people to interview her so she can leap out in front of us and demand our attention).

Of course Randi Harper got a mention because she is a woman (we believe) and is popular with that set (she was the originator of a blockbot which prevent them from seeing 11000+ people and thus “protected” from seeing arguments or positions they do not agree with)

To explain Randi




This lady (?) runs an anti-harassment charity (as does Zoe).

They share in common their love and reliance on Patreon with the third lady mentioned in Chris’s article (Brianna Wu).

Each of them earns $3000+/month for being harassed (apparently) with Zoe earning nearly $4000/month.

Brianna is certainly not liked by Gamergate supporters but is seen as a liar, provocateur and as a bit unhinged

Here is what we mean. As had of Giant SpaceKat development studio, she made a rather terrible game called Revolution 60 and tried to release it on Steam. It was not really embraced. So she tried to undermine steam but driving a harassment narrative by pretending to be a troll and trolling her profile. Unfortunately she forgot she was still logged into her profile. She deleted this soon after and ran away from Steam, citing harassment


When her dog was dying (I don’t know if this was true or not). She was attacking Gamergate supporters and trying to use her supposed cover of grief as allowing her to strike out unopposed. Gamergate supporters called her on it and told her to attend her dying dog and not focus on Twitter. Next thing an account of Crash, her dog, was generated and posted. Supposedly from a nasty Gamergate troll. Why supposedly? This is the screen captures she took of the posts. Look times at the times they were posted.

http://i.imgur.com/T16QFfL.png One second. ONE SECOND???

It is clear to me that the same person too fixated to look after a dying dog, may be precisely the same as the person that may make up sockpuppet accounts and capture said tweet the precise second they were posted.

GIVEN what you see here of some of the colourful and popular personalities on the other side of Gamergate, do you think harassment claims may be misrepresented, and could you see any one of these ladies and their 50 000 followers each, making up such claims for purposes of their own.

Their narrative is phony and their narrative slowly breaking down on inspection which is why they can not attend open debates and will try to termite such occasions.

Apart from this, Chris Erb’s piece is simply incorrect and dishonest as a result of building a narrative on terrible ideological foundations.

Koretzky and Airplay

I don’t like Koretzky. I never really did. My first impression was him saying that the SPJEthicsWeek hashtag had porn/gore/gay images from day one and sprinkled within the hashtag were a few decent posters asking decent questions.

This was a bold-faced lie. It is COMPLETELY untrue. Others tried to point out that this was not true. Whilst yes, there were some horrible images and spam posted by AyyTeam, these were posted in the last 2 or 3 days of a week long inundation of tweets in the hashtag. MOST of the tweets were pointing out ethical concerns on the gaming industry. In fact if anything, Ayyteam were off their game and had taken about 5 days to realise that #SPJEthicsWeek was a thing. Koretzky stuck to his guns that no these were from day one and outnumbered the tweets manyfold. Complete lie. We were there posting on there. We were there retweeting and favouriting the tweets. We saw what was there and what wasn’t.

So, the next thing that I could hardly fail to miss was his condescension as he tried to set us all straight about who we were or weren’t and what we MUST or MUST Not do. Of course the “This may be your only chance for legitimacy” narrative did not wash with me. Koretzky is NOT able to either grant legitimacy nor would he be our path to legitimacy, were this our big goal

I did not like him pissing off Brad Wardell nor Oliver Campbell either.

I do not like him going out of his way to smear us and constantly use essentially the same allegations and false representations that Anti-Gamergate has, whilst pretending just enough ignorance of Gamergate. and allowing just enough praise or receptiveness, to keep everyone in Gamergate from dropping the Airplay idea. It is not exciting or clever or beneficial. It is ego masturbation.

So….I had some real misgivings. The fact that it was run by Koretzky FOR a journalist organisation, and the panelists on the other side were professional journalists (I had not known much about Derek Smart), had me a little more than a little concerned. I further learned that Ren had some issues with Gamergate and was not likely in my mind to give us a fair shake.

It was shaping up rather badly especially with Koretzky telling us what we were not allowed to talk about and changing the allocated time to talk about Gamergate. I, as did many others strongly suspected a trap. So, those of you who are saying “Do you feel stupid now?” NO. No, I don’t. It had every appearance as such and so why would i feel stupid for not having more blind faith in Koretzky and his journalist peers, in being more critical of his profession than pretty much every other gaming and mainstream media publication? It is the petulance of the kid poking their tongue out saying “I told you so, I told you so, never-neer-ne-neer”. If anything this, is something to feel stupid for.  As for me? I think it could have been so much worse. My expectations were very low, and so I am moderately pleased as to how it went off.

There is not too much to tell about the morning panel. The reason is not that it was dull or nondescript, but rather it was just very smooth. Koretzky was very well behaved and that pleasantly surprised me. I knew Allum but not the other two panelists and as unknown quantities, I was concerned. In short they were terrific. The start was a little shaky but they did enough to answer the right things and in the right way. The message was conveyed and the path set.

I will say only that I found it a bit perplexing that the Neutral Journalists panel made such a dismissal of Kotaku and/or Gawker. GAWKER WAS listened to. Whilst everyone can say “Nick Denton is terrible and Gawker not worth quoting”, Screw that, you did! Media and journalists lapped up every word. Gawker Media headed the charge and Vox Media and Conde Naste and Gamasutra and all the other Games media follow their lead. Then Washington Post and New York Times and every other mainstream media joined in and finally Wikipedia used all these “reputable sources” as “verifiable proof” of the narrative Gawker ran with. So NOW Gawker is not to be trusted? Really?

So, what can I say. I think that this went well.

As to the 3 neutrals. Derek Smart was a mixed bag (and I suspect like to play at being hard to “pin down” on issues) but I have to say was really neutral in that he was just as critical (calling Gamergate supporters “unhinged”) as he was complimentary (saying that there was never a harassment or misogyny position of Gamergate to need to defend against). Lynn Wash? A lot of people are singing her praises. I am not as quick to. She seemed very nice. She seemed relatively reasonable. BUT I did take exception to a few things she said. Mostly I felt she was humouring Koretzky. Her want to “act”(?) completely vacuous when having aspects of Gamergate explained. I do not think she is stupid and I do not think most people if they had this explained in exactly the same way would be ignorant of what was said. To lend credence to my assertion, they had a non-gaming journalist asking questions and a journalist student seem to get what was said. I however WAS impressed with much of what she said in respect to ethical breaches. She knew her stuff. She wasn’t trying to downplay ethical breaches or rail against Gamergate. Ren? Not a fan. he seemed to be pretty dismissive and condescending. We started off the day (ironically as we finished it) with an announcement of a bomb threat against them, yet he STILL is “suspicious” of Gamergate’s intentions. He can think whatever stupidity he wants, and I am sure he does. If the fact that he and gamergate supporters were being targeted is not a suggestion that maybe, just maybe the narrative of Gamergate are always the harassers, may not be entirely right, then he is only worth laughing at.

The Afternoon panel? Well it was very good and very bad. Where the morning panel was very calm and collected and Koretzky reigned in his “personality”, he certainly didn’t in the afternoon. He was being an ass. He butted heads with Milo. Milo simply was not prepared to have Koretzky change the things he was or was not allowed to talk about, be insulted, talked over, or dictated to. I say, fair enough

Here are some examples:

“However you spent your time talking about how awesome you are”, said Koretzky

“That doesn’t sound very likely” replied Milo

Koretzky asks whether Gamergate wants to “remain a dark subculture”

Koretsky condescendingly tells Milo not to interrupt Lyn Walsh after he had hypocritically interrupted Cathy and Christina a number of times and then continued to do so throughout Airplay.

Koretzky told Milo that he said he spoke on behalf of all of Gamergate. Milo objected and Koretzky tried impotently to shout down Milo. Milo asked him if that was how he did reporting?

So it goes.

They managed through Lyn, more than Koretzky, to get at least a little bit of flow. Koretzky tried admonishing the crowd a bit in between. But at least there was some flow.

Then of course was the bomb threat, the evacuation and the end.

So why would I say it was very good and very bad? Because I am proud of what we did and importantly we did not let Koretzky control the narrative or get away with bullshit or bullying. I personally think this was JUST as important as the morning panel. Our guys are also quite right. THEY managed to learn about Gamergate and without this hand holding. It is not rocket science and we don’t have to make it easy for the journalists. The journalists IF they are going to report simply need to do their jobs.

I am not a reporter. I knew NOTHING about gaming. I had no contacts in Gaming and had never used Twitter So how did I get the scoop on Gamergate? I paid attention and researched. I was invested in finding out so that I could see where I stood and what aligned with my values. It was important to me because I want to know whether to defend or fight against Gamergate. It took me 2-3 days. That is all. Why these people can’t do better, or find themselves confused where to start?

Its ridiculous and we ought not have to tell them how to do their job. If they report they need to research first and not regurgitate some hitpieces.

So I was with little expectation and am very happy how it turned out. I don’t like Koretzky but I will say this was a far better result than I had hoped and I know he needs to be given credit for the effort he went to for this. For all his loathsome personality, he did commendably well and ought to be deservedly congratulated.