The one issue of Diversity that “Progressives” fear to mention

I really think it is high time we start sticking it to the “Progressives” (Social Justice Warriors) in this one area.

They are all for moaning and handwringing about diversity and the invisible privilege benefits. There is one they do not mention.


Why? Because most of these people are well off. Yes, there will be exceptions but MOST are going to be living comfortably on a middle class income. Many are from very well to do families.

Its so easy to focus on “micro-aggressions” and “oppression”, and to waste your money on gender/women studies, when there is NO need to do anything constructive. Don’t work? That is okay if your trust fund will prop you up or you can move in with Mum or Dad.

How rich is Kyle Orland’s family? What about Jonathan McIntosh? What about Alex Lifshitz? What about Brianna Wu?

These people talk a big game but THEY are privileged. If anyone ought to check their privilege surely its them. I never got $200000 from my family to start a business (As Brianna Wu did). I moved out when I was 17. I had a job and supported myself. Yet I am privileged? Months long European Vacations sounds great. (Not a tragic house fleeing – Hey Zoe)

They talk about privilege like it is determined by race, gender, and sexual preference. You know what makes or breaks you in society? What raises your social standing and raises your potential for achievement? CLASS. It is class that allows them to have a safety net that people such as myself do not and probably will never have.

These people have all the trapping that the upper middle class have. THEY are the bourgeoisie. They are phonies playing a long con game. They distract us with their moaning about race and gender. It is NOT a big deal….at all. Why I say it is not a big deal is for two reasons. IF we can be logical and mature enough, we will come to a few conclusions.

1. There IS and will always be some small amount of bigotry in the world. As long as people will be people, some men will not like women. some women will not like men, some white people will not like black people, some black people won’t like white people, and so it goes.

2. Whilst it does exist, most people are not bigots. The effects that race, gender, and so forth have on privilege is minimal.

3. Class is the big one. Class will give you far more potential for opportunity.

4. Someone in the top 1% of society will have far more privilege than those underneath them.

5. There is virtual no difference in privilege a gay or straight person in the top 1%

6. There is virtually no difference in privilege between a black or white person in the top 1%

7. There is virtually no difference in privilege between a man or a woman in the top 1%

8. Because a person in that 1% is a male or is white or is straight or whatever, it does not mean that their privilege is shared by all those people sharing their classification.

An example of this is that if you are a woman in Australia. The fact that you are a woman does not mean that you are privileged over men because the richest person in Australia is Gina Rhineheart, any more than it would be true that because the majority of top corporate jobs are held by men that all men share this privilege. It is dishonest.

These are all clearly smokes and mirrors. Class is where the power in society and privilege comes from.

ITS TIME!!! Turn the light on these cockroaches. Every time they moan about Privilege have them answer for their own and do not let their dishonesty distract you. CLASS = PRIVILEGE. Shine that torch!


2 thoughts on “The one issue of Diversity that “Progressives” fear to mention

  1. Reblogged this on alasdair fraser and commented:
    The language is abrasive and the final statement labelling them as “cockroaches” is troubling and problematic but this piece hits the nail right on the head. I am from an upper middle class family & would never dream of lecturing people who struggle financially over perceived slights to do with race or gender. I think this piece is a great foundation for a deep expose/piece of investigative journalism on the privilege of Social Justice Warriors.


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