One tactic I LOVE using against the dishonest “Progressives” in relation to #Gamergate

Okay this is a short but sweet post.

The harassment narrative is dishonest and unproven.

“Gamergate is about harassing women”

No it isn’t

“Yeah Zoe and Anita and Brianna were harassed”

Yes and who did that?

“Gamergate did”

Show me where Gamergate did.

At this point they will talk about some trolls in Gamergate did or “your worst members” or whatever. Sometimes they will even try to get you to concede that a minority in the Gamergate tag did.

NO! There is no evidence and frankly nothing to concede. Screw them saying it like it is a fact. Here is where you have some fun to repay their insult. Say THIS:

“Why did you personally send death and rape threats to Anita, Zoe and Brianna?”

You may say that this is dishonest or ludicrous. Sure is. But then so are they. They will protest sometimes but they will quickly realise how impotent their protests are because you stand your ground and say

“I don’t need any evidence. I feel that you did that. Prove to me that Gamergate was involved. No? Okay then I stand by my claim that you personally did it”

Their tactics against them. Fire with fire.


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