My comment on Planet Transgender’s #OffendCisPeople article

Okay, I posted a long response to this article.

Basically the #OffendCispeople was a hashtag (one of many) that Gamergate was co-opted, crashed and burned, by lampooning it.

By the author’s own admission, the tag was built on the foundation of snark.

It promoted an “us and them” dichotomy. Ascribing samethink to all cis people and all trans people. This simply does not exist. Meet one cis person and you have met one cis person. Meet one trans person and you have met one trans person. Meet one gay person and you have met one gay person. One woman and you have met one woman. You get the drift and I am no doubt preaching to the converted. The path of classifying all of one person to represent all of the people within their group is the path to bigotry and intolerance. The opposite direction of diversity.

That in mind, here is what I replied:

July 30, 2015 at 6:42 am

This looks to me like unadulterated shitposting.
You see offence behind this? No. It is one of a series of ideologically informed hashtags that has been mocked, derided and lampooned. Why? Because the very start and reason for its existence has been snark and driving an “us and them” divide.
You will appreciate that as a cis person I can not with any accuracy judge what it feels like or what the experience, motivations or such, of a transperson are like.
The opposite is the same. You can not with any accuracy judge the same of cis people as a group or of individuals.
In fact truth be told, you can’t know with any absolute assurance what is in the heart of hearts of your fellow transpeople.
Would it surprise you to know that Gamergate supporters number over 10 000 and have every diversity in their ranks….. Including transpeople.
This homogeneous harassment group of media imagination doesn’t exist.
Certainly Gamergate is not “Progressive” and many of its opponents are. I find “progressive values” regressive, stifling and dishonest. In fact I find them a big con.
Those that push the “us and them” Progressive Stack tend to make every effort to assign levels of “privilege”.
Look at who pushes this and to what end. Nearly all are white middle class Western ladies. The ONE diversity they avoid to talk about in their Progressive stack is the one that would register THEM privileged. It is undoubtedly the most important, class.
Many if not most of these people who are happy dividing us all into neatly categorised humans with the same thoughts and motivation if we are black or if we are disabled or trans or women or whatever and assign privilege as to who will have it easier in life forget, somewhat too conveniently, the one big one, class. Class will make or break you, yet they preach as part of the down trodden and oppressed.
It’s a con.
I imagine you are a decent person and an individual first and foremost, and that you do not believe in the being able to judge the totality of a race, gender, nationality or whatever else on that classification alone. I hope not, there is a word for that, bigotry.
We do lampoon this kind of stuff. When people like this came to insert themselves into gaming and to control gaming industry discourse, gamers pushed back.

Now I strongly suspect most of the hashtags tweets were mindless shitposting and lampooning. If there was any serious bad tweets in there, you have my personal apologies for whatever that’s worth. Gamergate is 10000+ people loosely congregating around a hashtag. It is not hivemind.

Whilst you may know (or know of) Feminists that purport to be about simply wanting men and women to be equal and that’s their sole association and others want to #killallmen or cull men to 10%, most rational people would never call one the other nor make one responsible for the other’s insanity. There are no leaders in Feminism either.

So I hope this explains Gamergate a little clearer and perhaps an insight into one Gamergate supporters motivations


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