Social Justice Warriors are phonies and only the stupidiest of them don’t realise

The reason that Social Justice Warriors “Progressives” have such power is because they are social parasites. They pertain to be a lot of good and virtuous things but are con artists.

Social Activism Sure! Ha, these guys are online keyboard warriors and NOT social activists. What the Hell do they do to make society better? I actually admire social activists and social activism. But perhaps you need an example of what I mean.

I frequent follow, help petition and sometimes donate to different social activist causes. One month I remember well.

1. One case of an African family petitioning the government to bring over their son. They had fled a war zone and had been separated from their son and thought him killed. They had got word that he was still alive and these years on, was alive in a refugee came. They were now settled in Australia. They wanted the government to reunite them.

2. A lady had been gang-raped and the compensation she was due from the government was being held up by bureaucratic red tape for years and in this time (due to rules that changed in the meantime regard such compensation) her entitlement would reduce.

3. A Father dying of terminal cancer had an aneurysm burst in his brain, leaving him a vegetable, requiring 24/7 care. Their insurance (due to different applicable clauses) would not cover this expense and they looked to lose the family home over this.

4. The Great Barrier Reef is an Australian icon and beautiful to beyond. In recent year is under extreme threat from an invasive starfish and from general pollution. The government decided to do an under the table deal with coal miners in the region to set up a coal mine close by and to dump waste from the coal mine in the reef ecosystem.

Okay so you up to speed with social activism and the kind of things I support. There is no denying that they are very much social activism. Good, because this is what I also got that month. See if you believe it the same as the other four.

5. I had a campaign requesting that “Grand Theft Auto 5” be removed from Target stores. The Adult classified game made for adults and restricted to adults, was to be taken off the shelves because the petitioners did not personally like the content of the game. The solution if they did not like it apparently was not that THEY did not buy it or play it, but rather that NO ONE play it.

“Progressiveness” What exactly do they progress? As far as I see, they are regressing things. They stymie, bog down and censor. They eat their own on a regular basis. Fall the wrong side of their hivemind and you will be beset upon with voracity. Everything is though a very fine ideological lens. There is no debate or expanding ideas or questioning. It is the kind of zealous conduct that would do the Puritans proud. They do not create they destroy and censor and co-opt for their own. There is  no progress in doing this.

Liberal These people are not Liberal or Left. Think of what Liberal thought means to you. Do you think “free”, “inclusive”, “open”, “accepting”, “unrestricted”? These people are not THAT. They are a lot of things but will never be those things. They will of course state that they are open and accepting. Try saying that ANYTHING they say is incorrect and you will find how accepting and open they are. Worse still they claim to support gay people, people of different races, women and other “minorities. What happens if someone in that minority disagrees with anything they say, what kind of support do they bestow on that person? Its pretty ugly.

I could go on…no seriously I really could, but from this alone, you see what they are doing.

They see something as considered as a moral or social good. Whether it be  support and inclusiveness of minorities or whether it be social activism or anything else and they PRETEND to be about that. Feminism too, Liberal ideologies, whatever.

The problem is that they do not actually do these things or in any way that furthers things things. Yet they steadfastly associate themselves with these things. Furthermore IF you disagree they will say that because THEY are Liberal, Feminist, Social Activists, Inclusive, Progressive, and YOU disagree with them, will have you labelled as Conservative, Anti-Feminist, Racist, Non-inclusive, and Misogynist.

Who wants to be labelled that? More importantly who REALLY doesn’t want to be? It is what allows them to manipulate people and act with dishonesty and impunity

They are con artists leeching off the morality, credibility, credulity, fame and finances of decent people in society. All they are zealous, ideological social parasites.


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