What do I think the end game will look like for Gamergate

Good news or the bad news? Haha.

Okay I think there is plenty of good to be honest. I think that this collective group has become more a culture than a movement or revolt. Hats off to everyone involved. The other side will not win this. They lost their chance.

The bad news is that there will never be a ticker tape parade for us. Many will look back on this time as a somewhat confusing “movement”. Some small amount of SJWs will still occasionally try shit on. Gamers will not have the best name and some small amount of the mud they have flung at us will cake on. The wells they poisoned will never be completely free of the poison BUT it will dilute.

I think the end game will be that there will be a gradual collapse of the traditional gaming press. The sites that support Gamergate will slowly become the only viable sites. The SJWs will lose a lot of their ability to throw themselves into the public attention. I think that this will also be coupled with the traditional media’s reluctance to report on “old news”. If media is not reporting then there is little artificial outrage. Without this, what good are people Zoe to the cause? There are a number of prominent people getting a NICE monthly stipend for doing nothing much but conference circuits and occasional interviews to whine about being harassed. With this compromised, what then? These people will then get Patreon for doing absolutely nothing. SJWs will start to eat their own. They will remove Patreon donations.

I think that with the SJWs weakened and perhaps fighting amoung each other, AND a gaming press downsized and made freelance, something will have to give. I think you will see a fight of survival of the fittest. Gaming press feeling hard done by and seeing the writing on the wall, will stop writing SJW propaganda and will start dishing dirty on former allies. Some will ally themselves to others to form a new SJW order. I think we will see new players push to supersede the old order.

This is what Gamergate supporters will be waiting for. It will be glorious. Like watching a gladiator arena.

The result will be a weakened pool of Anti-gamergaters. Then Pro-Gamergate supporters will finish them off. They will finally start to withdraw completely from trying to co-opt the gaming industry. They will leave to pursue other fandoms or industries, and leave gaming to gamers and developers.

I do think there will be win aplenty between now and then. I do think that there will be some big takedowns and happenings and revelations and perhaps one or two bigger names sent packing. I think that there is fun to be had in the meantime.

I think that this end game will not be an end game for all. I think many (such as your’s truly) will follow the SJWs to every other new space they try to corrupt and co-opt. I just want to see them lose this one entirely. A win here will motivate others to push back against them before they sink their hooks into them.


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