Top ten worse of the worst from the other side

Bobby Oliveria – This guy comes across as a nasty piece of work. A snake. I would love to see everything he holds dear fall apart on him….again. He is a bitter, nasty, vindictive, arrogant, opinionated man. He is from his own accounts a now sober ex-drunk and abuser. Obviously the addiction controlled does not control the underlying personality flaws I mentioned above.

Arthur Chu – Arthur disgusts me more than a little. It is not JUST his want to defend some of the ugliest SJW bullshit, but also his stand up talking about raping a boy, and the fact that he related that he was exposed to a rape, and yet thought at the time that it was okay. Stack it up people. He saw a rape. Traumatic? Thought it was okay at the time…because you would right? WTF? Then later you realised it wasn’t. You then do a stand up routine about raping a boy. For laughs…literally. WTF? When he said how all the Gamergate girls were good looking and the anti-Gamergate girls were rancid Wildebeests (I may be paraphrasing him poorly) and that he believed it was that Gamergate supporters rejected the ugly girls. I simply felt revulsion that he thought them good looking. Dear God, someone as slimy as Chu liking you….eww.

Ben Kuchera – Is there anything positive that could be said about Ben Kuchera? I really don’t think so. I find him, like Chu, revolting and slimy. If I was to read a news paper headline that read that he was involved in something morally bankrupt and/or sordid, I would simply and sadly nod and say under my breath, “I thought so” or “Not surprised”. He seems to have no moral barometer. It seems amazing that figures like he and Chu and countless others will be tolerated by the SJW set as long as they push the party line.

Randi Harper – Ever since she has come on the scene of Gamergate she has been pushing herself up higher and higher up my shitlist. She is barely a hop, skip and a jump from Kuchera territory. What a horrible piece of work she is. I believe that she as well as having  ADHD and being an (ex) pill popping junkie, she has some pretty nasty underlying psychological problems. I am thinking Psychopathic tendencies. I mean it too. Read up on Psychopathy. Don’t say “She is no Hannibal Lecter”. Agreed but simply look at the attributes and go steadily through Milo’s articles and see what matches up. There is something seriously screwed up in mind of the corpulent harasser known as Randi.

Zoe Quinn – she makes the top 5. She is just as nasty as Randi but a bit smarter. I think she is being handled. Whereas Randi is Randi’s biggest problem. Zoe is cultivating this narrative and not doing anything to fuck it up. Look at Randi and it makes it very hard to feel sorry for her when she reports she is getting harassed when she can’t got a day without harassing shit out of someone. Zoe loves that shit too. She was just as nasty and vindictive as Randi when she went after TFYC and Wizardchan and Georgina Young BUT now is playing victim for all she is worth. She is being handled. I hate that kind of duplicity and dishonesty.

Jonathan Mcintosh – This dude sickens me. He is not slimy like the top three guys nor is he as nasty (Psychopathic?) as Randi or Zoe. What he is, is all in SJW. He is the quintessential SJW in mindset. I just can not help but be repelled by him. He is the puppetmaster of Anita Sarkessian. She is of course dishonest and her Feminist beliefs as convincing as a death Row Inmate who finds religion on the way to the execution chamber. He? He believes it down to his bones. He will happily do whatever or say whatever to further the SJW cause. He is unable to see ANYTHING outside these artificial filters.

Chris Kluwe – This jock is a privileged, smirking, conceited, arrogant, dishonest oxygen thief. I fucking loved seeing Mercedes take him down in that debate. The dude has a big ego, big mouth and a bias big enough to eclipse any reasoning skills he may have. He is beyond dishonest.

Devin Faraci (and Tim Shaefer) – I know surprising little about this guy, Devin. Everything I see written of him, or any of his writing, shows him in such despicable light. His photos show him looking like the stereotypic neckbearded slob image that Gamergate is cast as by the games press, of which he ironically is a part of. He looks surprising like another anti-Gamergate neckbeard that I dislike. The loser that made a joke about sockpuppets in which he added 40 + 1 +1 = 50. That loser was Tim Schaefer. Those two look similar. I get them confused, and dislike them equally perhaps because I see them as the totality of all their misdeeds.

Leigh Alexander – It is harder assigning the last two and so many who run so close. Leigh Alexander. What a nasty piece of work she is. She was just as bad as Randi and ticked a lot of the same boxes as Kuchera, as well as being a drunk like Bobby was. She has been really stripped of notoriety and prestige. That is why she has fallen so low. In fact she would not rate even here and I would imply be laughing at her fall from grace….except that it looks like (with Cara Ellison) she will be contributing to Vice magazine….ugh.

Brianna Wu – This charlatan is making the rounds of the conference circuit like Randi is. I dislike her a lot. She lies and fabricates shit. The good news is that she is fucking crazy. She has made a lot of mistakes and she will make more. Why? Because she always wanted to be three things with equal desire.

1. A woman

2. A respected games Designer ($200 000 given by her parents on her 21st – which of these asshats are not privileged)

3. A political heavy-weight.

The problem is of course, that she will never get both 2 and 3. They work against each other and that is why she will always fail.

So….What about Anita??? What About Sam Biddle?? What about Sarah Butts?? What about Man in Black?? Just not as high on my list.


2 thoughts on “Top ten worse of the worst from the other side

    • Wow, you literally have no idea who I am. What a completely idiotic thing to say.

      “You have no life” is a hyperbolic statement. It is a figurative term meant to convey that the accused doesn’t literally have no life (ie they are not actually dead) but rather the person making the accusation to the accused perceives the accused as not having a life they consider worthy.

      Here is a tip, Merkel. It doesn’t make it more edgy nor does it serve to emphasise a concept by throwing the word “literally” into the mix. In cases like this it changes the whole meaning. Do I literally have a life? Undeniably. It’s an objective truth. Do I figuratively have no life? Well that at least is subjective.

      Unfortunately. On top of this rather embarrassing faux pas, you seem to be basing this on something I wrote on someone I dislike? Really? I have no life because I expressed my dislike of Bobby? How exactly does this reasoning work, or did you not think this through either?

      I know these questions and Insight into rational and critical discourse may leave you a bit disoriented, but I say push through Mirkel. The world is a better and more fulfilling place when you are able to reason.

      Good luck my friend and thank you for your visit


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