How did I join Gamergate and where do I stand – for or against?

You know you hear people all the time moan about Gamergate and how it is “too hard” to understand what is going on. That there seems to be too much “he said she said”, there aren’t any spokespeople or leaders to ask, it seems like a big mess, its too confusing and convoluted.

This is all a load of shit. Recognise it.

If people want to be lazy, that is COMPLETELY on them. If people are stupid enough to think we would be where we are by having leaders and spokespeople (read patsies to smear and drag down), then they are either completely ignorant or trying to set us up for a fall. (“You need leaders so that we can attack them” No thank you)

So why do I say this? Isn’t Gamergate difficult for someone to understand? Unless you are stupid, no.

I am an Atheist. Without going too far into expanding on this (I can focus on this in another post – UPDATE: and have , I was not raised in or around religion and it has never been a big thing in my life or that of my community. I am not a die hard militant Atheist, I just have no belief or connection with God. Anyhow I used to visit Atheist spaces online. Some of the things discussed were really interesting. The people were interesting and the communities lively and friendly.

Then in they came. We did not know who or what they were. They were stating that Atheism should be about much more than JUST not believing in God. There should be Feminism involved and Social Activism. WHAT???

These interlopers quickly went from “We believe this” to “YOU have to too, and if you don’t then you are a racist/misogynist/homophobic bigot”. Some people in the community”saw the light” and raced to pray at the altar of these zealous ideological puritans, but most ignored them and laughed them off as crazy and of no real consequence.

They were systematic and got their hooks deeper into the movement, and those online spaces, than most realised. Soon their voice was as strong as the established voices. They were denouncing the “old guard” and thrusting their own number ahead. They were getting the media time, manufacturing outrages to rail against, harassing and dogpiling detractors,trying to censor and moderate all discourse to be told through their ideological filter. They were completely unmindful of the fact that THEY were the interlopers.

I was disgusted. I had never seen that kind of thing happen before. I had come to learn of these creatures that were known as social justice warriors. I hated them. I despised their phoniness and their dishonesty. I was furious that “I” had been complacent and so had the community generally. THEY needed to cast down but what could be done in the Atheist community. It was too late, SJWs had their hooks in too far. (and to be honest, I had stopped participating). I was disgusted with the spaces. Another mention of Atheism Plus or Free Thought Blogs or Skepchick and I was going to explode. It was not the community I had joined or wanted to be a part of any more.

One day I came across a video. It was from a guy called Internet Aristocrat. The tale he told sounded so similar, but the setting was different. It was gaming community. I knew nothing about gaming, but it sounded like a similar crowd of SJWs was trying to dig their hooks into gaming. Better yet, it sounded like Gamers were prepared to fight back.

I went and signed up Twitter. It was a new social media platform. I was finding it difficult to navigate. To make matters worse, #Gamergate was at its peak activity in October with no blockbot. I did not know the community or who was who.


That is what it took. 40 000 tweets a day. Countless youtube videos, chan boards, and the like, and I was up to speed.

So, when you hear the excuses of it being too confusing or people not knowing where to get the story, tell them to fuck off. They are NOT being pro-active and they have not begun looking.

As to where I stand. There was no real question. Pro-Gamergate 100%. This is my Hill to die on. I am proud of Gamers. Proud of every day they have pushed back against these social justice warriors.


12 thoughts on “How did I join Gamergate and where do I stand – for or against?

      • AtheistNexus was where the poison began. I was warning them back as far as 2007. Of course they dismissed me as an overreacting lunatic. I documented a LOT of all this at


      • Ah. You did well seeing it come. I was completely taken unaware. I sort of went “What? Really? This makes no sense. Atheism plus other things? That has nothing to do with Atheism. These guys are kooks”
        Dismissing them just allowed them to wriggle in.


  1. I am saddened by the atheism thing, most of all because I never paid attention to atheism. Even though I don’t believe in A god, I guess, because of my environmental and anti-globalist activities “my cause” became my god, so I never thought to look past the odd tiff between a wiccan and an atheist.

    My story would sound much like yours. Except…

    It happened throughout the late 80s/early 90s. For obvious reasons (of being such a far-left bent already) they came into the punk culture and environmentalism first, bearing the flag of “animal rights,” but a very strange thing occurred, rarely did anything they say offline or in gatherings EVER involve the ecology. Rather it was how RACISM and SEXISM was the root cause of american expansionism, so lets all sit on our thumbs talking about that rather than cobbling together actual solutions (you know, because that would take effort) and instead just rant about how we’re going to sue various exploitive industries. (it is quite telling that they will needle other -ists for CLASSISM and IMPERIALISM being derailments as well…Quite obviously because it turns out so many came from well-to-do families, or are seeking to become part of one.)

    And what happened since then? They cast out the actual ‘extreme’ elements, the ones that got things done, like the Street & Oi & anarchists, as being ‘too masculine,’ ‘too violent,’ ‘too misogynistic’ (well ok we lived up to that one pretty well, once we realised what was happening.) and turned it into Second Wave Lite, and also kiddified it for popular consumption and adopted oddball causes like African relief funds rather than being all “Fight the man!” or “halt the corporate takeovers!” Now punk is a joke old people talk about as being “angry teenage phase music” like Blink and Sum41, rather than the harshness and raw anti-capitalist appeals of Cock Sparrer, Exploited, and Anti Nowhere League, just to name the most famous breakouts/crossovers. They knocked its teeth out and remade it for babies like they’re trying to do for gaming. And environmentalism? Aside from “Climate change” which was lucky enough to hit the mainstream before being fully ensnared, it’s largely a colossal joke that gets empty platitudes handed to it that it’s satisfied with, but no actual activism takes place any longer. (in fact it’s normally poor rural conservatives getting embroiled in the biggest corp battles, such as trying to keep from being chased off their land by mining companies) The ENTIRE thing now resembles PeTA in all but death count (but it might some day) And you can’t get anyone on the other side to look at possible solutions anymore, aside from things prior proven before the fall to make an extra bit of cash like recycling. Their interference since the early 80s has pushed the west back to the days of American West robber barons.

    If this were the 60s, I’ve no doubt I would have fallen in with the Weathermen or similar. But with these yokels in charge? I find myself sitting arm-in-arm with oil barons and general capitalists as the lesser evil. (not bankers, big agri, and automakers though, they’ve proven they’re actually welfare queens, not capitalists. Those bailouts and subsidies were something I’d’ve expected of south america not north!)

    (They actually did try this back in 1982, trying to get in on the ground floor, but the videogame market crash made them lose interest as there was no money or power to greedily grasp. Yea, that’s right. ET technically saved gaming! Here’s two scans that popped out on the /v/ board months ago. Sadly I don’t have the full scans rar anymore, and mediafire removed them due the guy not coming back)

    Complaining about sexism in Donkey Kong. Really?!?! Same language, same tactics.
    And a very VERY familiar name there. This VGI could have wrecked the innovation and creativity in gaming before it ever really began. I’ve no doubt this is why they hate Nintendo and Japan with a passion.

    I had no idea they were moving out of the far left though. I never expected a takeover of atheism, or I could have joined in warning them what was coming. Mostly witnessed this happen afterwards with sci-fi.

    I have never beheld such a poisonous ideology before, doing so much more damage to those it proclaims to help than those it proclaims to fight. In fact they do little to no damage to corporations at all, because they are so easy to pacify (despite the frequent need to do so). “You want another woman character? ok, she’s in. Is she not written good enough? Well the next one’s a lesbian!” The things corps “give” them are technically not things for them to give, but things they enforce upon the actual creators with the flimsy excuse of profit margins and the like. Hold Coke accountable for murders in Columbia at their bottling plants? Hold Bechtel responsible for shutting off the water supply of Bolivia?

    NO, FUCK THAT, WE GOTTA COMPLAIN ABOUT HOW YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH WOMEN IN YOUR CUSHIEST JOBS!!! And so a few tokens from their group get hired into PR or HR or marketing or data entry to meet arbitrary quotas, given nothing actually hard to keep them from interfering. THAT is the kind of “victory” you can expect from Social Justice. That is the kind of nonsense they believe ‘changes the world.’ That and fighting to put additional pronoun slots on hiring/census forms. Whooopty fuckin’ doo.

    They are either the most selfish people on the planet, the most incompetent, the most slothful, the most bitter, the most greedy, or the most deceitful. Usually a combination of all the above and more.


    • They are con artists. People with a sense of entitlement and an understanding that they are pinnacles of morality and intellect. The are going ti change the world, but they just don’t want their hands dirty in doing so. They want fame and success but they don’t want to have to work for it. They are leeches on society


  2. I didn’t see them coming, hadn’t been watching the YT videos for very long, so when it all blew up I didn’t have a clue (at first) over what was going on.

    When they invaded my gaming space and my hobby I could recognise it what is was and have been active in #Gamergate since Sept ’14.

    Reblogged, and hope this spreads!

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