Ethics or Anti-SJW pushback?

The answer is “YES”.

It is not either one or both. They are linked. They have both been a part of Gamergate from the outset.

I came here NOT because of ethics but because of the SJWs. I came here in October and they were problematic well before October. Some of the unethical journalists are SJWs. Some of the SJWs are using the gaming journalists as megaphones to voice SJW ideological propaganda unethically.

They are both important. They people that say we should focus on ethics only are bloody stupid but no stupider than those that say that we should ignore the unethical journalism. We need to focus on both. We need to treat both symptoms of the disease. If we focus on ethics and ignore the SJWs, we may win the battle and lose the war. Focus on the SJWs and not the Ethics and we will have a long drawn out fight that is made all the harder for the white elephant we ignore and the industry will become a crappier place not worth fighting for once the SJWs withdraw.

The easier thing to evidence is Ethics. It is the thing that is most easy to fight and show results of improvement. It is also something people can relate to. “Oh, so journalists were being crappy and colluding taking cash for comments and so on? That sounds par for the course. As gamers you did not like this happening in your space? That sounds reasonable. You were advocating against this happening? That too sound reasonable. You got results? Great”

The harder fight is against these horrible zealous ideologues. These are the big boss.

Fight one and not the other, you lose. Straight up, you will lose. Fight both, you may win.

MAY WIN? Fuck that, I have no doubt at all that Gamers will win. I have seen what Gamergate has done and been cheering them on every step of the way. They are fighting for the soul of the industry and they are defending it well.


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