One tactic I LOVE using against the dishonest “Progressives” in relation to #Gamergate

Okay this is a short but sweet post.

The harassment narrative is dishonest and unproven.

“Gamergate is about harassing women”

No it isn’t

“Yeah Zoe and Anita and Brianna were harassed”

Yes and who did that?

“Gamergate did”

Show me where Gamergate did.

At this point they will talk about some trolls in Gamergate did or “your worst members” or whatever. Sometimes they will even try to get you to concede that a minority in the Gamergate tag did.

NO! There is no evidence and frankly nothing to concede. Screw them saying it like it is a fact. Here is where you have some fun to repay their insult. Say THIS:

“Why did you personally send death and rape threats to Anita, Zoe and Brianna?”

You may say that this is dishonest or ludicrous. Sure is. But then so are they. They will protest sometimes but they will quickly realise how impotent their protests are because you stand your ground and say

“I don’t need any evidence. I feel that you did that. Prove to me that Gamergate was involved. No? Okay then I stand by my claim that you personally did it”

Their tactics against them. Fire with fire.


The one issue of Diversity that “Progressives” fear to mention

I really think it is high time we start sticking it to the “Progressives” (Social Justice Warriors) in this one area.

They are all for moaning and handwringing about diversity and the invisible privilege benefits. There is one they do not mention.


Why? Because most of these people are well off. Yes, there will be exceptions but MOST are going to be living comfortably on a middle class income. Many are from very well to do families.

Its so easy to focus on “micro-aggressions” and “oppression”, and to waste your money on gender/women studies, when there is NO need to do anything constructive. Don’t work? That is okay if your trust fund will prop you up or you can move in with Mum or Dad.

How rich is Kyle Orland’s family? What about Jonathan McIntosh? What about Alex Lifshitz? What about Brianna Wu?

These people talk a big game but THEY are privileged. If anyone ought to check their privilege surely its them. I never got $200000 from my family to start a business (As Brianna Wu did). I moved out when I was 17. I had a job and supported myself. Yet I am privileged? Months long European Vacations sounds great. (Not a tragic house fleeing – Hey Zoe)

They talk about privilege like it is determined by race, gender, and sexual preference. You know what makes or breaks you in society? What raises your social standing and raises your potential for achievement? CLASS. It is class that allows them to have a safety net that people such as myself do not and probably will never have.

These people have all the trapping that the upper middle class have. THEY are the bourgeoisie. They are phonies playing a long con game. They distract us with their moaning about race and gender. It is NOT a big deal….at all. Why I say it is not a big deal is for two reasons. IF we can be logical and mature enough, we will come to a few conclusions.

1. There IS and will always be some small amount of bigotry in the world. As long as people will be people, some men will not like women. some women will not like men, some white people will not like black people, some black people won’t like white people, and so it goes.

2. Whilst it does exist, most people are not bigots. The effects that race, gender, and so forth have on privilege is minimal.

3. Class is the big one. Class will give you far more potential for opportunity.

4. Someone in the top 1% of society will have far more privilege than those underneath them.

5. There is virtual no difference in privilege a gay or straight person in the top 1%

6. There is virtually no difference in privilege between a black or white person in the top 1%

7. There is virtually no difference in privilege between a man or a woman in the top 1%

8. Because a person in that 1% is a male or is white or is straight or whatever, it does not mean that their privilege is shared by all those people sharing their classification.

An example of this is that if you are a woman in Australia. The fact that you are a woman does not mean that you are privileged over men because the richest person in Australia is Gina Rhineheart, any more than it would be true that because the majority of top corporate jobs are held by men that all men share this privilege. It is dishonest.

These are all clearly smokes and mirrors. Class is where the power in society and privilege comes from.

ITS TIME!!! Turn the light on these cockroaches. Every time they moan about Privilege have them answer for their own and do not let their dishonesty distract you. CLASS = PRIVILEGE. Shine that torch!

My comment on Planet Transgender’s #OffendCisPeople article

Okay, I posted a long response to this article.

Basically the #OffendCispeople was a hashtag (one of many) that Gamergate was co-opted, crashed and burned, by lampooning it.

By the author’s own admission, the tag was built on the foundation of snark.

It promoted an “us and them” dichotomy. Ascribing samethink to all cis people and all trans people. This simply does not exist. Meet one cis person and you have met one cis person. Meet one trans person and you have met one trans person. Meet one gay person and you have met one gay person. One woman and you have met one woman. You get the drift and I am no doubt preaching to the converted. The path of classifying all of one person to represent all of the people within their group is the path to bigotry and intolerance. The opposite direction of diversity.

That in mind, here is what I replied:

July 30, 2015 at 6:42 am

This looks to me like unadulterated shitposting.
You see offence behind this? No. It is one of a series of ideologically informed hashtags that has been mocked, derided and lampooned. Why? Because the very start and reason for its existence has been snark and driving an “us and them” divide.
You will appreciate that as a cis person I can not with any accuracy judge what it feels like or what the experience, motivations or such, of a transperson are like.
The opposite is the same. You can not with any accuracy judge the same of cis people as a group or of individuals.
In fact truth be told, you can’t know with any absolute assurance what is in the heart of hearts of your fellow transpeople.
Would it surprise you to know that Gamergate supporters number over 10 000 and have every diversity in their ranks….. Including transpeople.
This homogeneous harassment group of media imagination doesn’t exist.
Certainly Gamergate is not “Progressive” and many of its opponents are. I find “progressive values” regressive, stifling and dishonest. In fact I find them a big con.
Those that push the “us and them” Progressive Stack tend to make every effort to assign levels of “privilege”.
Look at who pushes this and to what end. Nearly all are white middle class Western ladies. The ONE diversity they avoid to talk about in their Progressive stack is the one that would register THEM privileged. It is undoubtedly the most important, class.
Many if not most of these people who are happy dividing us all into neatly categorised humans with the same thoughts and motivation if we are black or if we are disabled or trans or women or whatever and assign privilege as to who will have it easier in life forget, somewhat too conveniently, the one big one, class. Class will make or break you, yet they preach as part of the down trodden and oppressed.
It’s a con.
I imagine you are a decent person and an individual first and foremost, and that you do not believe in the being able to judge the totality of a race, gender, nationality or whatever else on that classification alone. I hope not, there is a word for that, bigotry.
We do lampoon this kind of stuff. When people like this came to insert themselves into gaming and to control gaming industry discourse, gamers pushed back.

Now I strongly suspect most of the hashtags tweets were mindless shitposting and lampooning. If there was any serious bad tweets in there, you have my personal apologies for whatever that’s worth. Gamergate is 10000+ people loosely congregating around a hashtag. It is not hivemind.

Whilst you may know (or know of) Feminists that purport to be about simply wanting men and women to be equal and that’s their sole association and others want to #killallmen or cull men to 10%, most rational people would never call one the other nor make one responsible for the other’s insanity. There are no leaders in Feminism either.

So I hope this explains Gamergate a little clearer and perhaps an insight into one Gamergate supporters motivations

Social Justice Warriors are phonies and only the stupidiest of them don’t realise

The reason that Social Justice Warriors “Progressives” have such power is because they are social parasites. They pertain to be a lot of good and virtuous things but are con artists.

Social Activism Sure! Ha, these guys are online keyboard warriors and NOT social activists. What the Hell do they do to make society better? I actually admire social activists and social activism. But perhaps you need an example of what I mean.

I frequent follow, help petition and sometimes donate to different social activist causes. One month I remember well.

1. One case of an African family petitioning the government to bring over their son. They had fled a war zone and had been separated from their son and thought him killed. They had got word that he was still alive and these years on, was alive in a refugee came. They were now settled in Australia. They wanted the government to reunite them.

2. A lady had been gang-raped and the compensation she was due from the government was being held up by bureaucratic red tape for years and in this time (due to rules that changed in the meantime regard such compensation) her entitlement would reduce.

3. A Father dying of terminal cancer had an aneurysm burst in his brain, leaving him a vegetable, requiring 24/7 care. Their insurance (due to different applicable clauses) would not cover this expense and they looked to lose the family home over this.

4. The Great Barrier Reef is an Australian icon and beautiful to beyond. In recent year is under extreme threat from an invasive starfish and from general pollution. The government decided to do an under the table deal with coal miners in the region to set up a coal mine close by and to dump waste from the coal mine in the reef ecosystem.

Okay so you up to speed with social activism and the kind of things I support. There is no denying that they are very much social activism. Good, because this is what I also got that month. See if you believe it the same as the other four.

5. I had a campaign requesting that “Grand Theft Auto 5” be removed from Target stores. The Adult classified game made for adults and restricted to adults, was to be taken off the shelves because the petitioners did not personally like the content of the game. The solution if they did not like it apparently was not that THEY did not buy it or play it, but rather that NO ONE play it.

“Progressiveness” What exactly do they progress? As far as I see, they are regressing things. They stymie, bog down and censor. They eat their own on a regular basis. Fall the wrong side of their hivemind and you will be beset upon with voracity. Everything is though a very fine ideological lens. There is no debate or expanding ideas or questioning. It is the kind of zealous conduct that would do the Puritans proud. They do not create they destroy and censor and co-opt for their own. There is  no progress in doing this.

Liberal These people are not Liberal or Left. Think of what Liberal thought means to you. Do you think “free”, “inclusive”, “open”, “accepting”, “unrestricted”? These people are not THAT. They are a lot of things but will never be those things. They will of course state that they are open and accepting. Try saying that ANYTHING they say is incorrect and you will find how accepting and open they are. Worse still they claim to support gay people, people of different races, women and other “minorities. What happens if someone in that minority disagrees with anything they say, what kind of support do they bestow on that person? Its pretty ugly.

I could go on…no seriously I really could, but from this alone, you see what they are doing.

They see something as considered as a moral or social good. Whether it be  support and inclusiveness of minorities or whether it be social activism or anything else and they PRETEND to be about that. Feminism too, Liberal ideologies, whatever.

The problem is that they do not actually do these things or in any way that furthers things things. Yet they steadfastly associate themselves with these things. Furthermore IF you disagree they will say that because THEY are Liberal, Feminist, Social Activists, Inclusive, Progressive, and YOU disagree with them, will have you labelled as Conservative, Anti-Feminist, Racist, Non-inclusive, and Misogynist.

Who wants to be labelled that? More importantly who REALLY doesn’t want to be? It is what allows them to manipulate people and act with dishonesty and impunity

They are con artists leeching off the morality, credibility, credulity, fame and finances of decent people in society. All they are zealous, ideological social parasites.

B-B-But Gamergate was started on misogyny…..or not

This is one of the lynchpins of Anti-gamergate supporter’s narrative.

The argument goes something like this:

Gamergate was started because a misogynist abuser called Eron wrote a nasty manifesto about his girlfriend, Zoe Quinn, and everyone in Gamergate harassed her and made death threats and she was forced to flee her home and so gamergate are all misogynists who for some strange reason think the tag is not about harassing women out of gaming but about ethics. They are all misogynist neckbearded basement dwelling teenage cis hetero white privileged males living in their mother’s basement.

Regardless of how wacky this looks, it is paraphrasing countless renditions of it. Its a great line of bullshit.

Firstly, I need to explain three separate groups with some overlapping between them.

Gamers These people have for decades been the butt of jokes and bullied for their love of their hobby. People do not understand gamers or their culture and have been outraged over the violence in video games or the nudity or how much time gamers spend playing the or the messages received…basically non-gamers can’t fuck off and let gamers just enjoy their hobby without trying to interfere.

Study after study is shown that there is no correlation between violence and video games and so forth but worriers just worry.

Gaming is becoming more mainstream and gaming is seen as a less nerdy thing to do. It now represents close to $100 billion industry.

Gaming Journalist These guys have been involved in reviewing and commentating on gaming. In the past gaming journalists were gamers themselves and very connected to the gaming community and the developers. Nowdays? Not so much. Nowdays they don’t really give a damn about the gamers and treat the gamers as the great unwashed. These people are rarely gamers themselves and more often are undergraduates who are not good enough to write for other more respectable industries. Writing now for the industry they do not care for, and for the consumption of an audience that they do not like, the only things that they could enjoy about the job is sticking it to the gamers in writing clickbait and getting graft from the developers.

The gamers may hate them but then they don’t like the gamers, so who cares? They knew gamers did not appreciate the clickbait or their collusion or whatever, but again who cares, what were they going to do?

They were looking for something to give them direction and if it pissed off gamers, all the better.

Social Justice Warriors “Progressives” These guys had dug their hooks into Atheism a few years before, Sci-Fi Before that and Comic books before that. They were looking for a new target. What was the modus operandi? Barge into a new space. Tell them what they wanted. Demand the current culture change to their values and ideological discourse. Accuse anyone criticising them as being racist, misogynist, homophobic and then bully and harass them until they changed their tune. All whilst seeking to gain more support and access to the industry to control and censor dissent.

It had worked for Atheism and Sci-fi and comic books.

Feminist Frequency started attacking the gamers. She was a canary in the coal mine.

She found a friend in the Gaming Press.

Social Justice Warriors wanted in on a 100 Billion dollar industry and found great allies who were happy to go against the competing consumer base. All they needed was an “incident”. Like “Elevatorgate” in Atheism spaces, it had to be something everyone could spin and rally behind. They would use this to launch in and suppress the gamers and co-opt the industry that is ripe for the picking.

What incident though… 

Zoe Quinn (an alias like Locke Valentine is to her) was a developer that had a bad reputation with many in the gaming industry and had relentlessly harassed Wizardchan and The Fine Young Capitalists. When her boyfriend posted a commentary that she had been abusive and had cheated on him with five guys, this gave rise to an IRC chat channel called Burgerandfries. Some people in the gaming community frequented it to gossip and talk crap about this. It was a comeuppance of a sort for a nasty piece of work that did not give a shit about the harassment she caused of others.

During this time, Adam Baldwin gave a name to some concerns about possible conflict of interest and collusion (given that one of the people cheating on Eron with was a gaming journalist, Nathan Grayson) and the hashtag #gamergate was formed.

Before being allowed to discuss these concerns, many outlets started to ban and remove comments around all of this. Then The Gaming Journalists released “Gamers are Dead” Articles all on the same day. The Gamers thought that this may point to a widespread collusion in the gaming press. Milo Yiannopolous and William Usher exposed the Game Journos Pros mailing list with countless journalists from countless organisations. MANY colluding and forcing agendas.

This vindicated Gamers opinions and Gamergate started to swell.

Journalists went into overdrive reporting that Zoe was getting death threats. Soon Zoe reported that she was forced to flee from her home (it was true that she left her home – to go on a long European vacation, that she had advised everyone that she was going on months before – but it sounded like a great narrative). The death threats were apparently organised and made by Gamergate. Though no proof was ever shown to indicate that this was true.

The press smeared Gamergate thoroughly as an all cis white hetero conservative male teenage neckbeards living in their Mum’s basements. Gamergate responded with #Notyourshield showing a range of diversity within the movement outside of this stereotypes that exposed this as nonsense. These people were threatened and accused as being sockpuppets.

More accusations of threats BY Gamergate and more interviews, more people like Randi and Brianna getting on the victimised oppression train. Gamergate digs their heels in.

NOW…Firstly this is NOT the case that things happened in a vacuum. The narrative is dishonest. Secondly even were it the case (which it isn’t) that it started that way, who gives a shit? Honestly, even were it the case, it still would  not matter. What would the argument be? “Eleven months ago some individuals in an IRC chat called Burgerandfries were mean to Zoe. Now a heap of people are rallied behind a Twitter hashtag called Gamergate, talking about ethics” AND??? They arent the same people. I was never part of burgerandfries and never even saw the channel nor were most of the 10000 supporters. What is the argument?

See no matter which way they go, there is no situation that this narrative is meaningful or honest

What do I think the end game will look like for Gamergate

Good news or the bad news? Haha.

Okay I think there is plenty of good to be honest. I think that this collective group has become more a culture than a movement or revolt. Hats off to everyone involved. The other side will not win this. They lost their chance.

The bad news is that there will never be a ticker tape parade for us. Many will look back on this time as a somewhat confusing “movement”. Some small amount of SJWs will still occasionally try shit on. Gamers will not have the best name and some small amount of the mud they have flung at us will cake on. The wells they poisoned will never be completely free of the poison BUT it will dilute.

I think the end game will be that there will be a gradual collapse of the traditional gaming press. The sites that support Gamergate will slowly become the only viable sites. The SJWs will lose a lot of their ability to throw themselves into the public attention. I think that this will also be coupled with the traditional media’s reluctance to report on “old news”. If media is not reporting then there is little artificial outrage. Without this, what good are people Zoe to the cause? There are a number of prominent people getting a NICE monthly stipend for doing nothing much but conference circuits and occasional interviews to whine about being harassed. With this compromised, what then? These people will then get Patreon for doing absolutely nothing. SJWs will start to eat their own. They will remove Patreon donations.

I think that with the SJWs weakened and perhaps fighting amoung each other, AND a gaming press downsized and made freelance, something will have to give. I think you will see a fight of survival of the fittest. Gaming press feeling hard done by and seeing the writing on the wall, will stop writing SJW propaganda and will start dishing dirty on former allies. Some will ally themselves to others to form a new SJW order. I think we will see new players push to supersede the old order.

This is what Gamergate supporters will be waiting for. It will be glorious. Like watching a gladiator arena.

The result will be a weakened pool of Anti-gamergaters. Then Pro-Gamergate supporters will finish them off. They will finally start to withdraw completely from trying to co-opt the gaming industry. They will leave to pursue other fandoms or industries, and leave gaming to gamers and developers.

I do think there will be win aplenty between now and then. I do think that there will be some big takedowns and happenings and revelations and perhaps one or two bigger names sent packing. I think that there is fun to be had in the meantime.

I think that this end game will not be an end game for all. I think many (such as your’s truly) will follow the SJWs to every other new space they try to corrupt and co-opt. I just want to see them lose this one entirely. A win here will motivate others to push back against them before they sink their hooks into them.

Top ten worse of the worst from the other side

Bobby Oliveria – This guy comes across as a nasty piece of work. A snake. I would love to see everything he holds dear fall apart on him….again. He is a bitter, nasty, vindictive, arrogant, opinionated man. He is from his own accounts a now sober ex-drunk and abuser. Obviously the addiction controlled does not control the underlying personality flaws I mentioned above.

Arthur Chu – Arthur disgusts me more than a little. It is not JUST his want to defend some of the ugliest SJW bullshit, but also his stand up talking about raping a boy, and the fact that he related that he was exposed to a rape, and yet thought at the time that it was okay. Stack it up people. He saw a rape. Traumatic? Thought it was okay at the time…because you would right? WTF? Then later you realised it wasn’t. You then do a stand up routine about raping a boy. For laughs…literally. WTF? When he said how all the Gamergate girls were good looking and the anti-Gamergate girls were rancid Wildebeests (I may be paraphrasing him poorly) and that he believed it was that Gamergate supporters rejected the ugly girls. I simply felt revulsion that he thought them good looking. Dear God, someone as slimy as Chu liking you….eww.

Ben Kuchera – Is there anything positive that could be said about Ben Kuchera? I really don’t think so. I find him, like Chu, revolting and slimy. If I was to read a news paper headline that read that he was involved in something morally bankrupt and/or sordid, I would simply and sadly nod and say under my breath, “I thought so” or “Not surprised”. He seems to have no moral barometer. It seems amazing that figures like he and Chu and countless others will be tolerated by the SJW set as long as they push the party line.

Randi Harper – Ever since she has come on the scene of Gamergate she has been pushing herself up higher and higher up my shitlist. She is barely a hop, skip and a jump from Kuchera territory. What a horrible piece of work she is. I believe that she as well as having  ADHD and being an (ex) pill popping junkie, she has some pretty nasty underlying psychological problems. I am thinking Psychopathic tendencies. I mean it too. Read up on Psychopathy. Don’t say “She is no Hannibal Lecter”. Agreed but simply look at the attributes and go steadily through Milo’s articles and see what matches up. There is something seriously screwed up in mind of the corpulent harasser known as Randi.

Zoe Quinn – she makes the top 5. She is just as nasty as Randi but a bit smarter. I think she is being handled. Whereas Randi is Randi’s biggest problem. Zoe is cultivating this narrative and not doing anything to fuck it up. Look at Randi and it makes it very hard to feel sorry for her when she reports she is getting harassed when she can’t got a day without harassing shit out of someone. Zoe loves that shit too. She was just as nasty and vindictive as Randi when she went after TFYC and Wizardchan and Georgina Young BUT now is playing victim for all she is worth. She is being handled. I hate that kind of duplicity and dishonesty.

Jonathan Mcintosh – This dude sickens me. He is not slimy like the top three guys nor is he as nasty (Psychopathic?) as Randi or Zoe. What he is, is all in SJW. He is the quintessential SJW in mindset. I just can not help but be repelled by him. He is the puppetmaster of Anita Sarkessian. She is of course dishonest and her Feminist beliefs as convincing as a death Row Inmate who finds religion on the way to the execution chamber. He? He believes it down to his bones. He will happily do whatever or say whatever to further the SJW cause. He is unable to see ANYTHING outside these artificial filters.

Chris Kluwe – This jock is a privileged, smirking, conceited, arrogant, dishonest oxygen thief. I fucking loved seeing Mercedes take him down in that debate. The dude has a big ego, big mouth and a bias big enough to eclipse any reasoning skills he may have. He is beyond dishonest.

Devin Faraci (and Tim Shaefer) – I know surprising little about this guy, Devin. Everything I see written of him, or any of his writing, shows him in such despicable light. His photos show him looking like the stereotypic neckbearded slob image that Gamergate is cast as by the games press, of which he ironically is a part of. He looks surprising like another anti-Gamergate neckbeard that I dislike. The loser that made a joke about sockpuppets in which he added 40 + 1 +1 = 50. That loser was Tim Schaefer. Those two look similar. I get them confused, and dislike them equally perhaps because I see them as the totality of all their misdeeds.

Leigh Alexander – It is harder assigning the last two and so many who run so close. Leigh Alexander. What a nasty piece of work she is. She was just as bad as Randi and ticked a lot of the same boxes as Kuchera, as well as being a drunk like Bobby was. She has been really stripped of notoriety and prestige. That is why she has fallen so low. In fact she would not rate even here and I would imply be laughing at her fall from grace….except that it looks like (with Cara Ellison) she will be contributing to Vice magazine….ugh.

Brianna Wu – This charlatan is making the rounds of the conference circuit like Randi is. I dislike her a lot. She lies and fabricates shit. The good news is that she is fucking crazy. She has made a lot of mistakes and she will make more. Why? Because she always wanted to be three things with equal desire.

1. A woman

2. A respected games Designer ($200 000 given by her parents on her 21st – which of these asshats are not privileged)

3. A political heavy-weight.

The problem is of course, that she will never get both 2 and 3. They work against each other and that is why she will always fail.

So….What about Anita??? What About Sam Biddle?? What about Sarah Butts?? What about Man in Black?? Just not as high on my list.